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10 Benefits of Living in PG, that You don’t Know

Published on January 29, 2017 by TheRentals

Moving out to new city and thinking to take your own rented accommodation to enjoy on your own terms, but your parents has already decided that, you have to stay in PG. Oh , come on ! don’t be sad, its actually fun to stay in PG and better that having your own rented apartment.
Just because some people have shared some crappy myths doesn’t mean you have to believe in all that. Today we are sharing the secret benefits of life in PG, that only those know, who have lived or are living in PG. You will get the insights about how the life full of fun and awesomeness when you stay like a close knit family with your PG mates. So come, let us unveil the curtain and see the secret hidden in open sight.

1. Enjoying your freedom to its fullest : 

Staying in a PG allows you to enjoy your freedom in more ways than you think. You live your life, the way you want. Come from late night parties or go out early mornings to enjoy your hobbies. Make your room look the way you want, arrange your stuff  in your own unique way.

2. Enjoy nicely cooked delicious food with updated menu items :
Modern PG’s are now hiring experienced cooks and staff to understand your needs, taste and cooking delicious meals for you. They stock the kitchen refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables and cook delicately variety of meals while maintaining proper hygiene.

3. Enjoy the benefits of money you can save while living in PG :
PG’s are one of the cheapest and the most recommended stay options for working professionals and students. All good PGs come with WI-FI, Gyeser, TV in Room with connection and food, all included in rent. Electricity bills are as per your consumption, that you can control easily and basic maintenance is covered by the PG itself. There are no other hidden costs. With no surprise costs and planned expenses you can easily plan your budget and saving.

4. Enjoy all modern facilities during your stay :
With changing times, PG’s have upgraded themselves. Now, you can find good PG’s in budget, which are fully equipped with all required modern facilities. The rooms come with free WI-FI, Flat screen TV’s, Air condition, refrigerators, washing machines and geysers in addition with amazing interiors to provide you with all the comfort and convenience.

5. Have all the fun you want : 
With all the room mates and PG mates around, life is more fun than you can think of. With enormous options from enjoying movie out or playing some indoor games; enjoying India-Pak match with all hooting you can do or playing video games with room mates; enjoying festivals day before you leave for home or inviting your friends to have party at PG; go shopping or making travel plans; you are free to enjoy and have fun the way you want.

6. Stay Safe and Secure : 
PG’s are one of the safest places to stay in, if you are living alone or new to city or both. Most of the PG hire care taker  and security guards to take care of needs and security of tenants.

7. Enjoy your privacy : 
You are a person, who wants to enjoy self time, love to spend time alone and undisturbed, yet away from all the worries of house hold activities like cooking, housekeeping, tension of repair and maintenance etc, then PGs are for you. PGs come with single sitter rooms where you can live like the way you want yet without bearing rent of whole apartment or floor.

8. Use kitchen to cook the dish you want to help yourself with midnight cravings : 
Staying in a PG with food, doesn’t mean that you are restricted from kitchen. You are actually free to use kitchen the way you want ( with care ). You love cooking and just have learned a new dish.  Hay ! PG kitchen is your arena, try it here share with mates and get instant feedback as well.
Furthermore, kitchen is always accessible to help yourself with midnight craving.

9. Save the huge brokerage money :
In last few years, PG’s have parted their way from brokers. You can walk into a PG and discuss the availability and expenses yourself and save that huge amount of money that could end up paying to the broker for finding a flat for you.
With service providers like ‘, PG are branding themselves and being easily accessible.

10. Live free from boundaries of lock-in period :
In most of the metropolitan cities, almost all apartments come with a lock-in period ranging from 6 months to 2 years. In cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh etc. its 6 months to years where in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalure etc it goes upto 2 years. Where you need to deposit a huge amount as advance deposit. With PGs, there is no such condition. With no lock-in period you stay with all flexibility you want.

Now, with the benefits revealed above, lets say big hello to PG living. Switching to new city in next couple of weeks, ‘ is here to help you in finding your next accommodation.

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